Audio mixing is the process of turning a multitrack recording (vocals, individual instruments, music samples and more) into a cohesive musical track. Each individual track’s level is balanced and adjusted to serve the sound quality of the final combined track. No two audio engineer’s final mixes will sound the same so it is important to choose an audio engineer who understands your musical vision and has the equipment and skills to help you create your music the way it is meant to sound. If you are looking for an audio mixing engineer in the Dallas, TX area, give me a call today for a free quote on your music project. 

In layman’s terms, I take music people have recorded and make it sound as great as it can for streaming, radio, CD, vinyl, etc. I can do this through equalization (EQ), compression, saturation, reverb, delay, and other tools to shape the frequency content, dynamics, and tonality of someone’s music. Most of my work is done remotely, but I occasionally have people come over to record music in my studio. I listen to what my clients tell me they want from their music and I do everything I can do achieve that goal. They might send me music to reference on how they want their music to sound, explain how they want things to sound, or every so often people will just leave things up to me. Often getting things right can require a few revisions to get things exactly how they want it. Sometimes it includes telling them things they can change in their recording set up if I am mixing for them or changing something in the mix if I am mastering for me.