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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I send you my music?

I recommend using wetransfer.com to get your music to me. You can send up to 2gb for free with WeTransfer. If the files are too big or you would prefer something else then just let me know. Dropbox and Google Drive are also perfectly fine. Preferably, you will send me a zipped folder with all the .wav files for your song.

How should I prepare my files for you?

Please send your files in .wav format at the sample rate and bit depth they were recorded at. Each track needs to start and end at the same point so they can all be lined up. Check the links below for instructions on how to export your tracks from your DAW (digital audio workstation) for mixing. Sending me full Pro Tools or Logic Sessions is fine if you have any issues or don't have time. If you do send me a full session, then make sure you print tracks with any plugins you feel are essential to the sound you are looking for. If you do print any plugins, try to have any reverbs printed on separate tracks with the dry version. PLEASE make sure that all tracks are labelled correctly as what instrument they are. Including a rough mix of how your current mix sounds and a reference mix of a similar song you like can also be very helpful to me. A link or the title of the reference song is fine. Feel free to ask for help if you have any issues exporting your music.

How to export your music:

Pro Tools Logic Ableton Cubase FL Studio

What information do you need?

Let me know as much of this information as possible:
* artist/band name

* what services you need (mixing, mastering, editing, tuning, reamping, etc)

* genre of music

* track count for each song

* number of songs

* any deadlines or scheduling I should know about

* the sound you are aiming for

* budge
* how you found me
 (google, someone recommended me, social media)
* anything else you think I should know

The more information you can give me the better. This way I can let you know approximately how long it will take me to finish the project and make sure to give you a fair deal.

How does payment work?

I accept Paypal, Venmo (@Spencer-Sandfield), check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards I will need at least 1/3 the full payment deposited before I can start working.If you are unhappy with my mixing work then you will recieve a full refund. That deposit will of course be refunded too if you are unhappy, but so far that has never happened

Do you record or do you only do mixing and mastering?

While I mostly do mixing and mastering, Soma Audio does offer recording sessions! I can make high quality recordings of vocals, voiceovers, podcasts, and most musical instruments. If you would like to record, please call or email me and we can set up a time.

Do you offer free test mixes or masters?